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Alien: Covenant - IMAX edition [spoRv]
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9-Sep-2017, 10:35 AM

ilyasdesign40 said:

oh ok, so you don’t use RG or UL on ncrypt for example

if not I have to give this a pass!

“Oh no, I must live with the fact ilyasdesign40 didn’t get my project…”

Not only I worked a lot, for free, but I also MUST upload my project on a preferred place, with preferred method, following a newbie, never-did-something-for-the-community-apart-vomit-bad-things-and-askinkg-everything-on-the-whole-forum request?

Well, this is the kind of people that let me think to stop making projects right now… don’t want to be banned to have answered you in a way you deserve, so I stop here.

Please DO NOT POST ANYMORE in any of my threads, thanks.