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Ranking the Star Wars films
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5-Sep-2017, 8:31 AM
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chyron8472 said:

chyron8472 said:

One thing I didn’t like about The Force Awakens was how Carrie Fisher seemed to have had one of those surgeries on her face that makes it impossible to open one’s mouth more than a slit nor produce normal mouth/cheek-related facial expressions. Her upper lip is nearly incapable of movement.

dahmage said:

classy post. you know, people age.

ray_afraid said:

In 40 years, I’d love to walk up to all the idiots that say these kinds of things, gasp and say “Damn! You look like shit! What happened? Drugs? Surgery? DAMN!

Why should I be chastized for wishing that Leia’s mouth/lips in TFA actually inflected? She looks like she’s trying not to move her mouth when she talks; nor do her lips curve down when she frowns or up when she smiles, and it bothers me.

My mum (is deaf) struggles to lip read some of her older friends these days due to the way people’s faces change around the mouth area (especially the ornamental groove and vertical rhytids) as they get older. It leaves a thinning of the area between the mouth lips and nose - appearing less curved and fleshy when younger - and due to the lack of fat/muscle there as we age - it can appear ‘flat’ or stiff.

Age can be a bitch - and affects some harsher than others.