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Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?
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30-Aug-2017, 10:39 PM

GoboFraggle1983 said:

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Starbond9 said:

Hey everyone, I saw earlier in this thread about a 1988 Disney Channel airing. I have a copy of BLT taped on to VHS (date unknown to me) that I’ve digitized. It still has the original star pasties during the scene with the TV. Does this mean its from that airing or were there other releases that didnt edit that to a bra?

I wish I knew, but that sounds pretty cool if it only came out that way originally in the film fest circuit.

Well, it seems that the censored edit with the bra was only made exclusively to the USA DVD release, while the VHS releases (or at the very least, the 1991 edition) contain the uncensored version with the star pasties. International releases outside of the USA also use the uncensored version, with the exception of Brazil and Japan, which use the same edited NTSC master as the 2003 USA DVD.

Pretty interesting. I know part of this reason was/is due the film technically not being owned by Disney entirely, they just own the rights to select markets to distribute it in.

Just a shame there isn’t a 30th Anniversary BluRay of it already.