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Natalie Portman Goes CUEBALL!!!!!!!!!
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31-May-2005, 2:14 AM

Originally posted by: Stampid
If you have an attention span to read fanboys complain about SE's and PT's, you probably don't mind reading a few curse words. All I have to say is that when I saw AOTC in the theaters, I could have sworn I saw Portman's nipples just sticking out of that white outfit of hers, and when I rented the DVD I was greatly disappointed and I havent watched it since.


it is sooooooooo true! noticed that in the cinema too...

one explanation.....maybe they only show up on a 20ft screen??

As for her baldness...

it is, as said previously, for a movie adaptation of V For Vendetta.

The director JAMES MCTEIGUE was 1st Ass. Director on the Matrix Trilogy.....Vendetta is being produced by the Wakowski's & Joel Silver hence the choice of director.