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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers
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29-Aug-2017, 12:08 AM

I’m really liking your back cover image choice a lot.

There’s really a fine balance that I’m looking for in my cover design-- and perhaps it is unattainable. On one hand, I don’t want my covers to scream “THIS IS A FAN MADE CHEESY PROJECT”-- I want it to look very legitimate, like something officially put out by Lucasfilm. Yes, I don’t want it to look the same as anything that actually is put out by Lucasfilm-- I want it to stand out as something special… or, rather, something De-special. There is a bit of tension between these two ideas, and I’m not sure if I can find it without compromising one side or the other.

I could rant for a while, but it’s past my bedtime…