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Scofield version - SW theater recording
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26-Aug-2017, 10:01 AM
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28-Nov-2017, 7:08 AM
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Just to give you a heads up: I just uploaded a GOUT-sync’d version of this recording to that website of the organ.

There are some silent patches in this version I’ve made and they exist for the following reasons:

  • The tape began recording at 30 seconds into the film
  • As the film was running, the tape had to be turned over, so, at the 01:00:53 mark, silence comes-up. This lasts for 16 seconds.
  • The release print that ran the film at that screening had missing frames, so I left silent patches in those areas. They occurred at…
    • The head-end of the first shot of Reel 3 (where Luke, Ben and the droids are at the sandcrawler’s torched remains): the start of the trumpet solo from the music is missing. Scofield A (00:38:24), GOUT (00:38:44)
    • The head-end of the first shot of Reel 6: The announcement’s line,”… to your stations” is heard instead of “all pilots to your stations.” Scofield B (00:17:49), GOUT (01:40:08)

I purposely didn’t patch-up those silent areas. I know that members, here, will be studying the sound-mix of this version and I didn’t want to distort the content of this recording by using sound from other home video editions or even use bits from the recording to cover the silent patches up.

Besides, I’d be a real rat if I took away the pleasure of having y’all work on replacing the missing audio.

Just so that you won’t be twiddling your thumbs in-between silent breaks, I’ve made a no-frills .srt file that displays captions and a countdown clock

If there is no sound and no message, then the sound will return in no more than two seconds. This would be for the frames missing from the release print and other audible interruptions from the recording that I left in.

In all, there are 4 silent patches in my audio file.

The challenge was in the sync’ing. The recording on the 2 audio files had different durations changing every 1 to 3 minutes. In other words: if I sync’d a part of the Scofield file to the GOUT, it would stay in sync for about 1 to 3 minutes, then the file would drift out of sync—sometimes the audio would be faster in duration or slower. In the end, I had to create multiple copies of the same audio file with different durations for each file, all in the same pitch as the original file. I had to select one Scofield audio file, sync it to the GOUT, find the point in the audio where it drifts out of sync and trim it, select another Scofield file of a different duration, sync’d that to another part of the GOUT, find the point of drifting and trim it, join that with the other portion of the file with the different duration, select another Scofield file, and so on. The tedious part is searching for the right duration of the file to fit the pieces of the GOUT.

Other than up-converting the 44.1k sampling rate on the original recording to a sampling rate of 48K (for adding this to a Blu Ray), and the said time-stretching/shrinking of that same audio file, no EQing has been applied to my audio file.