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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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24-Aug-2017, 1:14 PM

chyron8472 said:

generalfrevious said:

Trump is never going to be impeached. In fact, I’m betting that in 2018 he is going to get a filibuster-proof senate and in 2020 win a second term in office. One in three Americans believe he can do no wrong.

History seems to show that when a President has low approval ratings, it often does not bode well for his party in Congress getting reelected.

Also, in 2020, he will likely not be running against Hillary Clinton. If Trump had run against Sanders, it would be a different story than running against her. And if you remember, he did not win the popular vote. Winning the electoral vote but not the popular vote is not that common. Plenty of people hated them both during the general election, but if the Democrats can find someone who is not despised equally as much as Trump then they have a decent shot at winning in 2020.

Trump can easily win the electoral college again in 2020, as long as he can maintain loyalty among that one third, who spread out among 25 states. The GOP has a clear geographical advantage over the democrats, whose base is concentrated in large cities in half a dozen states. By 2020 any potential democratic voters in red and swing states will be completely disenfranchised by the GOP, and a judiciary appointed by Trump to rule in favor of gerrymandering and stricter voter ID laws. The democrats will not be able to get their act together to avoid defeat in 2018, let alone 2020; therefore this country is a de-facto one party state. Trump won’t have to do anything, and he will still be respected just on the impotence of the other side alone.