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23-Aug-2017, 5:47 AM
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TV’s Frink said:

I’m not terribly familiar with Discord, the only things I know are that

  1. A lot of Star War Galaxy of Heroes guilds use it (I don’t)
  2. A lot of Nazis were recently removed from it

With that said, can anyone explain to me why you would need to use it for this place? Why can’t you just post whatever you’re talking about here?

I presume the real time aspect of chatting with everyone else is the appeal. It was fun when there was a chatroom when you livestreamed TRM a few years back. Some other sites have a “shoutbox”, which is similar to IRC in look and feel, but no way to know who’s actually there unless they say something.

I’m waiting for video chatroom technology where we would all be in little boxes like some giant Brady Bunch title sequence. 😉