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How to use video from one .mkv with audio from another .mkv? Also subtitles from another .mkv.
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18-Aug-2017, 3:11 PM
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18-Aug-2017, 5:54 PM
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So I’d like to see the video of one version of a movie while hearing the audio of another version of a movie. I’ve never made a video file other than ripping a DVD or two years ago, but if I already have several versions of a movie in mkv format, is there a way to combine elements of these mkv’s into a new version? If so, how do I do that?

And optionally another question, how to get the subtitles from one mkv file and extract them to put into another mkv file.

For the record the movie I’m talking about is The Killer (1989 John Woo), which I own a DVD and blu-ray of. They messed with the audio on my preferred version of the blu-ray video (an HK one in an mkv file mentioned), so I want to play it with the original audio (in an mkv of the criterion DVD) for example. And if possible I’d also like to use the Criterion one’s subtitles.

And to add to the wackiness, I’d have to add a second or two of silence to the beginning of one of the preferred audio tracks to time them up properly I think. Or any other method of having it start playing at the exact moment it should by comparing the two.

Short version, I’m looking to watch a blu-ray mkv I have of a fav movie while listening to the DVD audio of this movie, and optionally using the subtitles from that DVD version as well, but that is less important than the audio thing. I guess that part would involve reading up on how to rip mkv’s subtitles to an .srt or something which is probably easier than the audio/video stuff I’m looking to do. Thanks folks!

I could just pop in the old DVD I have of this movie, but as we know on here, that would be too simple. 😄

Also for the audio syncing to another video thing, another simple solution could be to figure out a way to start two different instances of a video player at the same moment, in MPC-HC64 for example. I’d have to put one a second or two in, pause, then via some method get them both to resume playing at the same moment. I don’t currently know of what that method is though.

edit: I just watched the movie via two media players, had to pause and mess around with them a bit to re-sync the audio on occasion, so there must be a few seconds of difference between the two versions here and there maybe a second at the end of a scene in one version etc. But I’ll leave this topic up just for curiosity and because it would be cool to know how to do this stuff for all purpose stuff, if not this film in particular.

Great film, recommend everybody check it out by the way! If you’re a fan of stylish hard hitting emotional action/drama.