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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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9-Aug-2017, 9:44 PM

Ryan McAvoy said:

darth_ender said:

Ryan McAvoy said:

darth_ender said:

Ryan McAvoy said:

yhwx said:

everybody likes choice

Not everybody. That’s the point isn’t it?

So if someone opposes abortion, that means they oppose choice?


If you support taking abortion away, then you also support taking people’s choice to have said abortion away to. It can’t be any other way surely?

If you support taking the right to bear arms away, they you also support taking people’s choice to own said arms away. It can’t be any other way. And don’t call me Shirley.

(Assuming we are talking US politics here) That’s not a good analogy (but I think you are joking anyway) because the people you are talking about want “gun control”. Which is not the abolition of guns, it’s much stricter control of them. e.g.

Nobody is arguing for abortion without control but some want it stopped all together
Lots of people want guns without control, some want guns controlled more and nobody wants them banned all together.

So not a comparable issue.

Well, it wasn’t intended as a joke, but hey, it’s probably better than my intentional humor anyway 😃 There are those who favor the abolition of all guns in the hands of the public (and I believe–correct me if I’m wrong–that Warbler is part of this crowd), and there are those who want certain restrictions…much like the abortion issue! I don’t want the abolition of all abortions, just such heavy restrictions that it is only done when a necessity, not for less important reasons. There are those who are even stricter in their beliefs that I, and there are those who are still pro-life, but looser in their restrictions. I think it’s a fair analogy.

darth_ender said:

I am anti-certain-choices. So are you. It’s called civilization.

Of course but we are only talking about abortion. I’m “pro-choice” because I think women should be able to choose for themselves on this issue, within reasonable limits (I don’t have to agree with it). As you say you are “anti-certain-choices” and the “certain-choice” we are talking about is abortion. So you are “anti-choice” on the abortion issue, which is what I originally said.

My point being that, okay, yes, I am anti-choice, but I feel the term is really not a fair term. I am against certain choices because I believe they maximize human freedom. You are also opposed to certain choices for the same ends, though the choices you oppose may be different and the freedom you believe is achieved may be a different ideal than mine. My point was simply that all of us oppose certain choices, so I’m not a fan of the term. It paints the pro-life crowd as infringing on individual liberty. In reality, all of us infringe on individual liberty when we support any law.