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Need help making Despecialized Edition DVDs
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2-Aug-2017, 11:16 AM

What size are your iso files? If they’re around the 7-8GB mark, they’re AVCHD images, i.e. HD video designed to be burned to (and played from) a dual-layer DVD-R disc.

(The AVCHD format uses the same file structure as Blu-rays - hence the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders - but at a size that means you don’t need a Blu-ray burner or disc. You do, however, need an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player to view the result).

That all being the case, your Superdrive should be able to burn those iso files to dual-layer blank DVDs. I don’t know Mac software, though - presumably Toast (or whatever) can open an iso to burn to disc? If it can do that, it doesn’t need to know what the actual content is - it’ll just burn those bits.