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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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31-Jul-2017, 7:11 PM

Possibly VERY naieve, but even though Disney owns all those propertys I’m not actually seeing the competition.

Kids that want to see Frozen 2 are not yet ready for Star Wars, people with kids will find the time to see both, Anyone more into Avengers will see that, then Frozen / SW IX, or both. If you are an adult and into action movies then you have choices as the adult into sci-fi has choices.

Myself as an example, a man with a wife but no kids will eventually (within the short timeframe movies are in movie theatres) see Avengers, SW’s, and then get dragooned into taking my nieces and nephews to see Frozen.

I might prefer some than others, might even be unwilling (FROZEN) but I’ll do it… Is there a loss, will one demographic beat the others and will Disney feel they lost box office by competing with themselves? Dispel my naivety by all means, just dont hurt my feelings 😉