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Se7en CCE Version (see trillary dump's post for project info) (Released)
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27-Jul-2017, 7:58 AM

Okay, so now, after 3 viewings of the 35mm, I managed to take pictures until the bar scene near the end.
For the rest, I compared with the 2000 color timing and the 2010 Blu-ray. The conversation scene of John Doe and his lawyer behind the glass is different from both: it’s cooler in 35mm with a shade of pink on Doe’s convict uniform. The sunset scenes around 7:00 o’clock look more like the Blu-ray while in the car. Then, it looks more like the 2000 DVD but warmer with the darkness of the Blu-ray. And the epilogue with Mills arrested in the backseat of the copcar and Somerset and the captain discussing him is a lot closer to the 2000 DVD with the dominant yellow. The 2010 Blu-ray is way too dark in the end.