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25-Jul-2017, 10:43 AM

Chris358cp said:

NEW WHAT IF: What if Luke decided to not leave his father on the Death Star II and died in the explosion?

Just finished re-arranging the shots, later I’ll add some sad music and create fitting audio for the whole thing.

WIP Visuals:

Maybe I’ll have to cut down some dialogue to make the thing more fitting, or further arrange the shots. Everything can still easily be edited. What do you think?

Hey thats a really nice edit. Yeah with the right music and all that would be very neat.

I made a 2nd Part to the Star Wars-Music Swap. Hope you enjoy.

And going back to your idea of Luke dying at the end of Return of the Jedi…i made a full 20-30min edit/voice over of Jaws. And at the end I made it where the old fisher men lived instead of dying. If you want to see just that part its at like the 5:50 mark at this link… I know its not star wars but your luke video got me thinking of that.