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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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21-Jul-2017, 9:04 AM

Lord Tobias said:

Although the whills theory aspect should be a little fixed (maybe snoke was cast out and killed his buddies during the events of the Phantom menace…maybe he never created the sith but merely fed off their power to become better than the other Whills to kill them)

Either way force ghost not being real provides strong context for several loose ends of TFA

Why isn’t anakin doing anything to stop kylo

Because he is in the netherworld stuck watching if not in complete oblivion(unlikely)

If luke was powerful…why was he a coward?

Because he realized that his faith was a lie…and that he was simply a pawn. He has no one to confide in now in these dark times.

Why did kylo join the dark side

Because of 2 reasons…either he wanted immortality(or wants snoke to bring back someone he loved), or snoke used his fake force ghost powers on him. Maybe kylo ren sees a vision of paradise in the galaxy and wants snoke to bring it. Maybe snoke isn’t a true bad guy. Maybe he truly believes that with enough power he can bring a golden age. He can heal wounds, it is just a matter of using the force to manipulate cells. He can extend the life of life forms indefinitely as well as bring them to life if their body is in good enough condition.

Not my strongest plot…but certainly one with potential

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