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"Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival." What was the point?
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20-Jul-2017, 6:29 AM

Knightmessenger said:

Gaffer Tape said:

I’ve said before that, from a purely filmmaking standpoint, this addition is probably the worst in the entire Special Edition.  Yes, there are things that are dumber and more agonizing from a fan standpoint, but, aside from the addition of the Jabba scene, there is no other part of the SE that RUINS THE PACING as much as this.  The Falcon is rushing back to save Luke, the music is pumping, the TIEs are closing in… AND THE FILM JUST FUCKING STOPS SO WE CAN WATCH VADER ARRIVE ON HIS SHIP?!  Whose crack-addled brain came up with that one?!

Yeah, it’s one of the least talked about alterations but it’s really one of the worst changes. It makes you wonder how Lucas was ever successful at all because it demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge over pacing and basic filmmaking in general. The first time I actually watched Empire straight through was after getting the 2004 set and I seem to remember being confused as to why Vaders big ship looked identical to the second Death Star. The film might have well gone to a commercial break. “We interrupt the conclusion of Empire Strikes Back for this paid promotional segment by the Empire.” God I wish Nostalgia Critic would just tear into that.

The music editing is really horrible too, it just abruptly goes back to the music when Vader reveals he’s Luke’s father.

If you have the 1997 version, you can also compare how much blue tinted it was in 2004.

Another Empire edit that bothers me (which no one else points out either). Lando frees Chewbacca who starts choking Lando. Leia says “You think after what you did to Han we’re going to trust you?”

In the 2004 audio mix, Chewbacca’s growl comes in sooner completely drowing out “trust you” from Leia.

“You think after what you did to Han, we’re going to- garrragggaahhh”

Just another reason the 2004 is the worst ever.