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Doctor Who
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17-Jul-2017, 12:04 PM

LOVE the new Doctor! Having never gotten past the rewrite of The Impossible Girl, I have really struggled with Capaldi’s Doctor. He was collateral damage from the Moffat rewrite & show-running of the past few seasons. I thought Pearl and Capaldi would be fresh start but it turned out to be more of the same. I haven’t watched a full episode since Last Christmas (episode).

I’ve been hoping for a female Doctor for several years and made a post on a Doctor Who board in support of it. Personally, I think it would be interesting to have the Doctor become female. It would open up new possibilities story-wise. How would other aliens treat her differently? How would other governments treat her (here, other galaxies, present, past, future)?

How would she react to situations, dangers, losses, etc now that she was female? How would past companions and characters react to her now? How would she see herself now? Some of it could be handled seriously, some could be comical, some a mixture of both.

There are also plenty of young girls who would love to have a strong, intelligent woman as a role model. It looks like they’re about to get that very thing.

I thought the reveal clip was fantastic. I love the slow, matter-of-fact walk to the TARDIS and her smile at seeing her long-time friend. Personally, as a long-time fan who has become disinterested the past few seasons, this is exactly what I wanted. A fresh start with a female Doctor.

I hope we get a few episodes where the Doctor is alone. Stories in the style of Midnight (Top Ten episode for me), Planet Of The Dead, and Waters Of Mars I want to get to know her without a bunch of distractions.

Christmas can’t get here fast enough.