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Should Vader and The Emperor even know who Yoda is?
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17-Jul-2017, 10:46 AM

doubleofive said:

yhwx said:

doubleofive said:

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Nandi said:

I too think it would be best if Yoda remained a mystery and wasn’t a head of the council etc.
That he didn’t chose swampy forest because of an exile, but as a place to test himself, or a seclusion while he explores the Force, entire place for younger jedies should be sort of a pilgrimage where he decides are they worthy or not to be trained by him.

Didn’t he say he had a council on who was to be trained in ESB though?

“My own counsel will I keep, on who is to be trained!”

Counsel =/= Council

That’s just an interpretation though. He could have full well meant council.

The Script says:

  Ready, are you?  What know you 
  of ready?  For eight hundred years 
  have I trained Jedi.  My own counsel 
  will I keep on who is to be trained!
  A Jedi must have the deepest 
  commitment, the most serious mind.

They’re completely different words.

Wait, Yoda has his own personal council? Cool!

I’ll bet he also has very strict Principals.