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Stargate 1994 Roland Emmerich (Fan Edit)
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17-Jul-2017, 2:23 AM
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17-Jul-2017, 3:04 AM
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Thanks I am working on the extended sequence of entering the stargate right now, the problem I am having is the music the wormhole sequence is a straight swap but getting the rest of the extra footage to work is quite difficult but I am close to cracking the puzzle. It’s possibly the section with the most deleted footage and will probably be the most different from how the original film plays out. I have spent a lot of time spread over 4 days trying to make it work. And I have something that is working 80% but the music and soundmix will need to be rebuilt to work much better.

Interesting that although Stargate’s soundtrack has been released in standard and deluxe editions I can’t seem to find the soundtrack for the probe being sent through the stargate? I have a feeling this track is unreleased? If you can tell me where to find it I would most appreciate it.

The amount of extra footage for this bit is over a minute long but it’s off set with cuts to footage from the original that are meant to go where the probe goes through the gate and when the stargate first opens.

hopefully I will crack it this week.