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Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit
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14-Jul-2017, 7:08 AM
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23-Sep-2017, 2:18 PM
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Hey everyone, I wanted to share this edit that will be released this month. I’ve been working on it primarily over at and it is now at the pre-release point.

Change List:

  1. New title cards
  2. Custom Crawl
  3. Custom pan down and Krennic shuttle flying towards Lah’mu
  4. Removed Saw opening up hatch to find Jyn
  5. Removed Rogue One Title card, now hard cuts to Jyn waking up as if she was dreaming
  6. Removed planet card intro on Cassian’s introduction, it now does a downward pan wipe
  7. Edited Informant scene to have the stormtrooper kill the informant instead of Cassian
  8. Cropped Jedah planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  9. Added iris wipe transition to Jyn’s rescue
  10. Cropped Yavin and Rebel Alliance planet cards to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  11. Removed second Bodhi scene where he meets Saw
  12. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  13. Removed Bor Gullet
  14. Added tie sfx to transition from K2 to Jedha pan shot
  15. Removed Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
  16. Added Battlefront Imperial track to Rebel ambush
  17. Shortened Chirrut’s acrobatics and removed his “is your foot alright?” line and human shield antics
  18. Removed the cut to Jyn and Cassian to connect the continuous shot where Baze fires at the stormtroopers
  19. Removed Chirrut’s “are you kidding me? I’m blind” line
  20. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones during Jedah DS firing sequence
  21. Color corrected Vader’s eyes during his meeting with Krennic
  22. Cropped Edu planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  23. Rescored Rebel Alliance meeting with Force theme
  24. Removed Bodhi’s stuttering when asked who is stealing the imperial ship
  25. Cropped Scarrif planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  26. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  27. Cropped scene with R2 and 3P0 to remove them from the shot and reworked surround track to eliminate their dialogue
  28. Rescored Star Destroyer collision (Scrambling the Rebel Fleet & airplane collision/crash sfx)
  29. Color corrected Tarkin’s skin tones
  30. Color corrected Vader’s eyes when he is watching the Rebel fleet be massacred
  31. Trimmed Vader’s awkward hand gesture of choking rebel soldier and then motioning to fling him to the side. (it just looks too fan filmy for me)
  32. Color corrected Leia’s skin tones
  33. Fixed audio volume transition into credits
  34. Added custom edited/fanedited credits
  35. Added grouped name credits to shorten credits and have them end on the the musical finale (the original doesn’t for some reason)
  36. Added custom title cards to ending

Source: Official BluRay
Edited using Sony Vegas Platinum HD 13.0
Release July 2017
Anticipated release formats: 15gb 1080p MP4

Original Run Time 2:13:57
Edit Run Time 2:11:41

Special Thanks to (in no particular order):

Moe_Syzlak, ironman23, hbenthow, TVs Frink, ThrowgnCpr, mrbenja0618, ssj, TK251, krlozdac, darthrush

Walt Disney and LucasFilms ltd
the and communities

Here’s some draft versions of scenes
Crawl w/ newly added Lah’mu pan down and shuttle. I’d love to hear suggestions on the crawl:
Cassian More Ethical Retreat:
Skin Regrades (Tarkin and Leia only):
Less Confused Bodhi:
Removing red eyes from Vader:
SD Collision Rescore: