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9-Jul-2017, 3:21 PM

In prep for Spider-man Homecoming, we started our Spidey marathon tonight with 2002’s debut. I saw the film in the theater and loved it. Having re-watched tonight, some of the films’ deficiencies have become apparent. The CGI, like many films from the era, has not aged well. And IMHO, the movie itself has not aged well…Macy Gray, Macho Man ‘Ohhhhhh yeaaaaahhhh’.
A bunch of dialog is God awful…‘deliver us from…eeevvvviiiilllll’ or Osborn’s ‘…Don’t tell…Harry…’ Uncle Ben’s death scene…'Perrrer, Perrrer…". The Goblin’s suit and mask, crap.

But I do still like the film, it just doesn’t have that luster it once did. Jameson is perfect and apart from a few of her lines, I liked Aunt May and Tobey M was a great choice to play Peter, even if his fighting prowess was a bit lacking. Overall, 7/10 for me.

We recently bought the Brendan Frasier Mummy Trilogy on Blu-ray and although the first two are pretty fun, the thirds installment was terrible and had zero chemistry between Fraiser’s character and the new Evie. Having never seen the third film, I was not surprised that it sucked…but at least the didn’t run out of CGI budget in that one.

Mummy 7/10
Mummy Return 7.5/10
Mummy something something we are in China Now, don’t bother…