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A Thousand Generations: The Star Wars Prequel Mini-Series
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At first confused, Anakin tries to call out to Kenobi. But Padme realizes quickly that this is not her brother’s good friend Obi-Wan.

Padme fires at Obi-Two, who deflects a blaster bolt, causing Anakin to charge up the repeating blaster and lay down a wall of bolts at the strange new foe.

Obi-Two expertly twirls the saber and uses his Force reflexes to weave between shots as he stalks his way towards Anakin.

Padme crawls towards the dead guardsman and grabs the detonator. With one button, the power plant bursts with a great brilliance and the blue shield bubble evaporates into nothingness.

Obi-Wan’s restraints power off. Sensing the a familiar presence he hones in on Padme and Anakin.

Obi-Two nears Anakin. The heavy blaster runs dry and he unstraps the unwieldy device. With the rudimentary training he gained from Obi-Wan he manages to avoid a few savage swipes from Obi-Two.

Padme fires again at Obi-Two, but he deflects a shot which lands square on her shoulder. She lets out a yelp of pain and falls backward cradling the burn.

Anakin screams NOOO! but he can do little with Obi-Two holding a lightsaber to his neck. Obi-Two draws the blade back in preparation for the fatal strike.

His saber arm freezes. Obi-Two, puzzled, looks at the freezing arm and tries to bring it forward against Anakin his other hand, but it will not budge.

The brown robes of a venerable Jedi Knight, with an outstretched hand…Obi-Wan Kenobi appears. Obi-Two is his clone, so he can be controlled by his host through the Force in a way no other organic being can.

The lightsaber flies out of Obi-Two’s hand and into Obi-Wan’s. The abomination turns about and tries to throw a veil of Force energy at his original, but Obi-Wan tosses it aside with his own gust of invisible energy.

Obi-Wan closes in on Obi-Two. The clone taunts his original form. He makes a mockery of his efforts, that destroying his own clone is little different from destroying himself. Obi-Wan holds the blade to Obi-Two’s chest in contemplation.

Obi-Two pulls Padme’s blaster into his hand and tries to kill the Jedi Knight. But Obi-Wan expertly swipes the blazing weapon across the clone’s chest. Obi-Two falls over lifeless.