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A Thousand Generations: The Star Wars Prequel Mini-Series
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7-Jul-2017, 5:18 PM

Bail’s speeders have drawn a significant body of clone warriors. In response, Miat orders the heavy warships of his fleet to release their gunships. The ground armor begin to dissolve in the face of the clone gunships striking them with impunity.

Just when it seems like all is lost, Bail commlinks what he believes will be his last words to his dear Padme. But then the skies darken further.

A collection of triangular-shaped capital ships appears in realspace directly adjacent to the orbiting Mandalorian fleet. The gunships turn away from bombarding Bail’s column and strike out towards the Republic fleet above.

In Miat Alpha’s headquarters, he makes contact with Atha Prime via hologram. The clone overlord orders Miat to return to Utapau. Miat reluctantly complies, his inner warrior spirit struggling against the order to retreat. He boards his private shuttle and leaves the battlefield to fight another day.

Inside the dome, Padme places the last of several demolition charges in the power bank of the shield generator. She, Anakin, and a surviving Alderaan guardsman retreat to a safe distance.

But just as the guardsman is about to hit the switch on the remote detonator, a lightsaber ignites behind him and slices his arm off with the detonator still grasped in his hand. Obi-Two emerges from the shadows.