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Suicide Squad Extended Edition fan edit**Sorry link no longer available
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4-Jul-2017, 7:28 AM

benjaminver said:

i’ve had some ideas for a little while now about how i would re-edit suicide squad. it makes me angry that they basically released an unfinished movie. i think the only way to fix it is to take a foreign dub of the movie, say french, and then make new english subs that would have to be about half re-written lines. combine that with a whole bunch of editing and you’d be about 90% of the way to a good movie, the last 10% would require actual reshoots. but, i don’t know the first thing about video editing.

The things you mention highlight the limitations of fan editing…and don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really talented fan editors out there, but ultimately, editors are limited to the material that is available via the Blu ray/DVD releases and deleted scenes…so they can only do so much. There are edits out there where other supplemental material was utilized, like Watchmen:Midnight, but again, they are limited by what’s available.

As far as this movie goes, it had so much potential given the classic source material, but sadly, the powers that be chose instead to release a sub par film and bombard its viewers with a ‘cool’ soundtrack in an attempt to camouflage said films’ shortcomings. So it turned out to be just another ‘could have been a good movie’ in the long line of WB flops.