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ROTS: I'm gonna get my fur kicked for this
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25-May-2005, 8:11 AM

Originally posted by: casualimp
Okay, saw Ep3 twice over the weekend and I must state that even though the Wookies were underused I still prefer the Ewoks. Before you start flaming... for those of you that have seen the Holiday Special (shudder) that's all I could think of when Chewbacca and Talfor (sp) were conversing with one another as they said goodbye to Yoda. I can't take wookie speak seriously -- the special tainted me. The Ewoks gave a sense that even though they were short, furry primatives, they had a language that you felt was real. If I want to speak wookie, I'll talk to dogs and walrus'. Lucas wanted to have the wookies in Ep6 but couldn't. Now in Ep3 he basically recreates the Ewoks but taller and technologically advanced (minus the Tarzan yell). So... as stated in Clerks: "all Jedi had was a bunch of Mupputs", I still prefer the Muppets.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! I thought the exact same thing when the Wookies were chatting in Ep3.....