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FOX issuing takedown notices to Sith downloaders
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25-May-2005, 8:08 AM

Originally posted by: Klingon_Jedi
Still, I say punish the insider, not the fans. Punish the guy selling it, not the Joe Smoe who just wan'ts to tide himself over until the DVD after seeing it in theatres three times. ROTS made it's money back before it was even in theatres from what I heard. It's breaking records and could become one of the highest grossing films ever. Just about everyone will see it. This film made over 150mil in 4 days for crying out loud.

I would love to give you a big big hug!!! I work in the British video industry & am constantly bombarded with anti-piracy messages & asked by those above me to visit street markets & pubs & purchase these pirate dvd's & then report to the authorities who sold it to me & where...whilst not getting my money back!

the whole situation is out of hand.....they won't go after the people that are behind piracy (who we are told in the UK are TERRORISTS!! - oooooohhhhhhh) instead, as always, focus on the easy really really stinks....

If you want to point the finger of blame anywhere then point it directly at the entertainment industry itself....

I remember during the 1980's there was an investigation by the British trading standards into the retail price of cd's.....

after months of investigation it was ruled that we were being well & truly ripped off....the average cd cost about 25p to make, perhaps another £1 to cover royalties & we were being charged about £17.......

now in 2005 we are being charged roughly £12-15 per new cd & the reason? Piracy.......

Now who else here smells some mighty fine BULLSHIT?????

If piracy is so extreme why are the authorities NOT TARGETTING THE INDUSTRY PUNDITS THAT LEAK THESE ALBUMS & FILMS onto the internet?