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Insert SE alterations into other movies
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30-Jun-2017, 1:54 AM
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2001: A Space Odyssey

This is Earth millions of years ago, right? Where are all the dinosaurs? A stegosaurus now lumbers past during one of the desert shots, then sits on the camera.

Re-rendered Monolith now stands at a slightly different angle.

Morphing effect allows audiences to finally understand that the flung bone metaphorically “is” the orbiting satellite.

Only one pencil floating through the aisle of the space plane? Try 50.

“Blue Danube” didn’t have the energy and soul that the station docking deserves. The scene is now set to “Heywood Rocks”.

A spotlight at the lunar excavation site is now partially obscured by an improbably placed boulder.

No longer is HAL 9000 a boring old computer eye on the wall. Thanks to the magic of CGI, his robot avatar now strolls about the corridors of Discovery One alongside Bowman and Poole. Slight adjustments had to be made to the existing footage in a shot where Bowman crossed the path of the HAL robot’s power cord, but the changes are smoothly integrated and hardly noticeable.

What kind of “explosive bolts” don’t burst into glowing rings when detonated?

In the original version of 2001, Bowman hardly came off as a hero when he cruelly disconnected HAL 9000’s higher functions. This time around, HAL lobotomizes him first, making the scene “fair”.

The dated “star gate” effect when Bowman enters the Monolith has been replaced with the crisp digital imagery of the Starfield screensaver from Windows 95.

At the end of the film, a senile, bed-ridden Bowman is gloriously reborn as the fetal “star child”. To reinforce the character’s epic arc, the original “star child” model has been replaced with the younger Bowman from earlier in the film, the character’s definitive incarnation.