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When Did The Star Wars Prequels Become Cool?
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29-Jun-2017, 7:47 PM

The PT movies were OK but definitely not great. And I think most of the different perceptions have more to do with how movies will always tend to reflect the trends/attitudes of the times they were made in. But personally, even after multiple rewatchings, the real lack in PT is the light to dark conversion that creates Darth Vader. The PT is really lacking in any substance when it comes to that part of the story. And the conversion is really at the heart of the PT, everything else is just good guys vs. bad guys with pretty good action and film work. Even after all these years, I still can’t answer the question of why he went to the Dark Side, even though he was never really shown to be strongly on the Light Side either.

For me, the whining teen in the PT isn’t really the same person as the redeemed epitome of evil seen in the OT.