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Reasons why TFA and RO are the same movie.
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Hey guys. This tries to make comparisons between TFA and RO. There are the obvious ones (Death Star, Empire vs Rebels, father figure dead in front of the lead, etc.), but this is more focused on the comparisons specific to TFA and RO. Let me know what you think, and if you have more, or if one of my reasons is wrong, I would like to know.

1 - After opening up to credits and some scenes where someone gets shot and dies, we eventually cut to the male lead/love interest of the movie learning about the plot of the conflict and special person they to find from someone who’s supposed to die, leading to him finding and recruiting the female main lead of the movie, who’s somehow related to the conflict, into this whole debacle.

2 - Female main character who’s an orphan and grows up in a harsh lifestyle that makes them seem like they’re a loner when in fact they got a heart, and who doesn’t initially want to be involved with the situation of the galaxy.

3 - Includes flashbacks which show the main female lead being separated from her family as a young child.

4 - Male lead/love interest is part of a paramilitary organization and purposefully lies to the female main character, only to later unveils their lie near the end of the 2nd act, and who has been trained to fight since childhood.

5 - There’s a scene in the first act where the female lead appears to be in immediate danger, so the male lead tries to step in to help, but stops and watch like an idiot as the female lead beat up the grunts, showing she’s supposed to be good with a melee weapon.

6 - Two male characters (one of which has been credited as everyone’s favorite character) who seem to be best buddies and are the subjects of god awful shipfics.

7 - There’s a tentacle monster in the first act which has no relevance and impact to the rest of the movie whatsoever.

8 - There’s a connection between the female and male leads, which seems to hint at a romance near the end, but doesn’t really bloom into anything other than a camaraderie.

9 - There’s an droid character who provides most of the movie’s humor, which can include electrocuting and/or hitting the male lead.

10 - The movie tries to harken back to the original trilogy by including tons of fan service, with recognizable characters and places that are almost identical to those places in the OT, so much to the point it’s more up in your face than being endearing.

11 - The designs of some of the Imperials troopers are more variants of the typical OT Stormtrooper, with different color schemes and helmet changes, as opposed to the overall departure of the prototypes in the PT.

12 - In the first act, the pilot of the movie’s ship tries ridiculous ways of entering hyperspace, without carefully calculating their trajectory or ensuring that they have a safe way out.

13 - First half of the movie puts emphasis on finding this one dude who may change the entire fate of the galaxy, then sets up the next half for infiltrating the villain’s stronghold while the movie’s main villain is inside, at first completely unaware of the heroes’ presences.

14 - There’s this evil Sith dude in a black mask with a cool red lightsaber, who has this one awesome scene in the entire film, but what they do in the rest of the movie doesn’t seem to match that.

15 - By the halfway point of the movie, there’s a short battle, in which our heroes being separated and doing their own things, until X-Wings come in to eliminate the Imperial forces and bring our heroes straight to the rebel base.

16 - Final act consists of main heroes and a small task force sneaking into and around baddies’ base, which includes lowering the shields for our rebels to come in for assistance and deliver some damage to the baddies’ base.

17 - Both the female lead and male lead/love interest immediately come into a confrontation with the main villain, which has the male lead/love interest getting injured by the main villain while trying to help the female main lead overcome the main villain.

18 - This is the only time in the SW films where a Sith dude in a mask has ever used his red lightsaber to kill side characters, who have never really appeared in any SW medium before this point and whom we actually feel sorry for.

19 - Though the movie’s final battle may have been won, it comes with great costs to our heroes, and it is only the beginning, as the movie ends on a cliffhanger.