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Doomsday Thread
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26-Jun-2017, 2:51 PM

generalfrevious said:

There are only half a dozen countries objectively worse off than the US right now. By January 2018 we could be worse than North Korea, at the rate things are going. Trump is silencing the press by piece by piece, he is about to cement a permanent majority on the Supreme Court, his Muslim ban has been approved, the Russia investigation is dying down, and he will sign a healthcare bill that will MURDER tens of thousands of people. Nothing is good and by 2019 things will be worse than the Holocaust.

At this point, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or trolling, so all I’m going to say is this: if you are genuinely feeling suicidal, please seek help and talk to someone. These types of posts can’t continue, though. Invoking the Holocaust is just taking it too far. Please stop.