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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1982) - collection project and info hunt
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20-Jun-2017, 4:34 AM

I want to ask, I’m trying to do some research on this movie for a wiki project I run. For the Samuel Goldwyn Dub, anywhere does it credit what the web claims to be the main cast (Chris Atkins, Kristy McNichol, John Carradine and June Lockhart) because I looked up the video of this dub on YouTube and they’re not credited on the end credits.

Only these names:
Ardwight Chamberlain, Jan Rabson, Mike Reynolds, Ted Lehmann, Patty Foley & John Hostetter

The first part with the opening credits is cut off so I can’t tell if they just credited them at the beginning or not (which would be understandable with bigger names, but why no end credit either?). Listening to the villain character, I can buy it’s John Carradine but the fact that I don’t see any reliable sources is telling me that it might just be rubbish.