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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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15-Jun-2017, 2:21 PM

Anchorhead said:

SilverWook said:
Bought some groceries at Target, and passed through the toy aisle, and what should I see? That action figure two pack with Moroff! Only one on the pegs, and sitting right in front like it was waiting for me. Impulse buy! Haven’t bought a SW figure in a long time.

Awesome. I’ve never had a Star Wars shirt or toy, but I feel like I’ll be correcting that in the coming weeks. I have my Rogue One socks as my only wearable Star Wars things ever, but I feel like I’m this close to getting a shirt.

I find that amazing you’ve never had any merchandise at all. I’ve had more than a few shirts over the years. There are so many cool shirt designs out now it puts the 70’s stuff to shame. As hard water out here eventually ate away my favorite shirts, I kept my 10th anniversary shirt in mothballs until I saw TFA. Still fits like a glove.
I’m sure modern science could explain why two printed shirts of similar fabric survived my childhood but all the others didn’t. (The iron on stuff was faded by the third wash.) Neither one is Star Wars though.