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Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm
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14-Jun-2017, 11:28 AM
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14-Jun-2017, 11:44 AM
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Deloreanhunter12 said:

I’m curious what would happen is you took the Lord of the Rings colors and placing them on The Hobbit’s colors. Would the color palette and contrast change or would it just be the color palette. Idk what I’m talking about at this point, I’m just interested to see what would happen.

The algorithm needs to be trained first on some references to learn how you would like to see the film graded. If you have 35mm frames for example, you can use a couple of them as references to train the algorithm, that you would like the film to closely resemble the 35mm print, even for shots where you don’t have references.

For someone doing manual color grading, the algorithm could be used to provide a better starting point for a final color grading. You first teach the algorithm how to color grade like you, based on a number of manual color adjustments you provide. You subsequently let the algorithm color grade the other shots, based on what it learned from your work. Once the algorithm is finished color grading rest of the film, you can make final adjustments as you see fit.