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Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?
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12-Jun-2017, 9:22 PM

Editroid said:

Editroid said:

I feel like I need in-depth, step by step instructions. How did he create the 6.1 DTS discrete EX mix, fix the ghosting, redo the opening titles, etc? Where did he even find the original theatrical audio?

Nobody is answering me.

I literally joined this Forum just now to sit down and “answer” by having a talk here, bud.

OK, by checking your previous posts, I see that you say you have Aspergers. I do too, (so does my younger brother) and I do have a good ‘vibe’ on what’s going on in your noodle by these double-posts. Heck, being born in 1990, this film was my ‘VHS-Loop’ playing in nonstop as a child.

But the thing is, that still doesn’t excuse your behavior on this thread. I would LOVE to see his restoration on this, but as a video-phile fan-restoration amateur myself, I know it takes time and effort… time and effort out of one’s finite amount of personal free time as a hobby. None of us are paid to do any of this, heck it wouldn’t even be legal to do so. The OP has every right to not give out any info, and certainly no obligation to even reply to this thread. One of his last updates was noting he had come on some very hard times and had a lot of personal issues that came up, so bumping this thread for any and all updates could very likely abandon it entirely.

I have little doubt that your responses were just uninformed and not maliciously intended, which is why I felt the need to talk about this more so to get you up to speed as a fellow aspie who’s been down this trail before.