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4-Jun-2017, 4:26 AM

^ I have been thinking about this design of the hand puppet a bit yesterday and this morning and I think what you can take away from it is that the Tusks or horns are not a prominent feature. But that also makes very little sense because if an animal grows either tusks or horns they are generally very noticeable as seen in elephants, rhino, rams, goats, deer and pigs.

Not only this but a horn or a tusk also has very obvious uses for either scooping and stabbing or butting and ramming.

So I think it looks like they tried to hide that feature under the fur somewhat on the Hand puppet but i just thought if you were going to give the Wampa Horns or Rams that made sense they would have to be quite a prominent feature to make sense.

So I just thought what shape makes sense and based off the old Mcquarrie painting I think his Horns shape and placement made the most sense.

Excuse the rough job here it is just for the purpose of illustrating the Mcquarrie Horn Placement.

The other thing I noticed is that another feature that makes the Hand puppet so appealing is that the shoulders start half way up it’s head. and it has like a bit of a hunch or hunched back.