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A Thousand Generations: The Star Wars Prequel Mini-Series
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2-Jun-2017, 2:52 PM
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Fenn’s fighter drops a sonic bomb on Mos Eisley (like in the asteroid field chase from AOTC, AKA one of the very few good parts of that movie).

Padme seems at first cornered by the alien thugs and it looks like all is lost, but the massive sound wave collapses all structures and knocks down the thugs. Padme is dazed. ZeeGee has been destroyed!

As the smoke rises, Padme rises and continues her escape to the junkyard. Fenn lands his ship and exits the craft, brandishing a heavy repeating blaster (think Baze from R1). He guns down the thugs when they try to get up and then coldly stalks his prize, the valuable crystals in Anakin’s ship.

A firefight between Owen, Padme, and Anakin vs Fenn Shysa tears up Owen’s junkyard. Fenn makes them duck under some wreckage with a barrage of suppressing fire.

Then the Mandalorian mercenary walks into Anakin’s landed ship. Anakin sneaks up on Fenn and severs his backpack power source’s cable with one of Owen’s fusion torches. Fenn’s backpack goes supercritical. Anakin kicks open the door to a secret compartment and shuts himself inside just as the backpack power plant explodes.

Our heroes survive unscathed, but the ship lies in tatters.

Amidst the flames of Anakin’s ruined ship, Padme confesses to Anakin what she did. In response he tells her of his vision from Obi-Wan. It has filled him with newfound purpose. The two set off for the Firespray and set a return course for Alderaan. Owen bids Anakin and Padme farewell and they blast off in the Firespray. They will finish what the clones have started.

To be continued…