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2-Jun-2017, 7:59 AM

The Aluminum Falcon said:

Wonder Woman (2017)- Who would have suspected that DC would finally get it right with their fourth movie? Great stuff here - a charismatic leading lady, a colorful supporting cast, a touching love story, and a well-developed screenplay with gasp clear structure and actual set-ups and pay-offs despite the occasional cringey dialogue.

It was also not to see a superhero film, which isn’t Disney-fied (read: everyone joking all the time, faceless bad guys, endless actions, no real developed dialogue scenes, and characters with love interests but no sexuality). Here’s a movie instead in the tradition of Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films, Iron Man, Batman Begins, Logan, and, perhaps most pertinently, Superman '78.

I think it’s the best superhero film in recent memory and keep in mind, I walked in expecting that I’d probably hate it. Go check it out (for the record, my critique of this being an excellent movie has nothing to do with it ALSO being the first female superhero film, directed by a female).

Absolutely good to hear! I hope I’ll get to see it this weekend.