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Hardcore Legend
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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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1-Jun-2017, 4:24 PM

rodneyfaile said:

MalàStrana said:

rodneyfaile said:

I want to see kids light up as the Millennium Falcon goes into hyperspace. That means characters are going to need recasting.

They can watch the original movies…

People will always want more. The storytelling should be able to go beyond the span of one actor’s career. James Bond is still going. Han Solo can too.

But the James Bond franchise gets rebooted and reimaged all the time. The timeline is mangled and moved around. Is that the direction people want for Star Wars?

I’m not trying to rail against this film, I just think recasting the character in a window of 10 years before we see the character again sets a weird precedent. Are we all ok with a future film in which someone else plays Luke in between the OT and the ST? Or a new actress playing Leia in the next trilogy film?

I don’t know how I feel about that.