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Criterion-like box set for njvc's custom blu-ray set
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25-May-2017, 9:15 AM

ShadyGFella said:

Hey everybody. This criterion set looks absolutely amazing. My main issue is trying to construct a box to hold my blu cases. Can anybody advise how they went about making theirs? Material? How to thread?

Also, I know selling the discs is frowned upon but is anybody making the boxes for sale?


I have the materials and interest to do one more copy of my box set, and I was thinking of documenting the construction process and posting details along with step-by-step photos here in the technical forum.

I will try to do that this weekend if I get a chance.

Here is the shorthand version of what I arrived at after about a half dozen different variations of box construction and covering.

HP glossy brochure paper (8.5x11) - three sheets necessary to cover my size box
100pt (2.5mm) chipboard 8.5x11 sheets - two sheets necessary to provide the 5 sides of the box
standard 2" masking tape roll to build the box
1/2 inch Scotch permanent double-sided tape to adhere the covering to the box

cutting mat
Fiskars rotary cutting tool
steel ruler with millimeter markings
clear straightedge for aligning cuts

My box set is 3x 17mm criterion cases (3-disc cases) + 1x 14mm criterion case (2-disc case)

Through experimentation, I found that with coverings taking up some space, I prefer to have the interior pieces (top, bottom, spine) be 71+ mm in width (I typically will slightly overshoot the 71mm marking intentionally). This allows the individual blu-ray cases to slide in and out easily, but not flop around or fall out unintentionally.

My 5 pieces of the box are
2 sides: 177mm x 138mm
2 top/bottom pieces: 135mm x 71mm
1 spine: 177mm x 71mm

My covering is three pieces:

1 piece that covers the spine and folds over/overlaps onto the top/bottom/sides by several mm
1 piece that covers the top/front
1 piece that covers the back/bottom

After many unsuccessful and dissatisfying attempts to find an acceptable method for adhering the cover, I ended up using double-sided tape instead of glue. It took just a couple of tries to work out the best way to use the double sided tape.

General procedure is:

  1. Cut out materials

  2. Assemble the box using masking tape on the outside edges of the 8 seams between the 5 pieces

  3. starting with the spine covering use the double-sided tape to attach the cover. On the spine, overlap the tape so 1/4 inch is on the spine, and 1/4 in is on each of the other faces of the box. Fold the spine piece so that it runs over the edge and onto each of the other faces - held in place there by the tape.

  4. Starting with the top of the box, put double-sided tape on the 4 edges of the top. DO NOT overlap this tape. The full half inch of tape should be on the top surface of the box - all the way around the four edges of the top

  5. Align the front/top cover piece with the front face of the box so that the top portion is in the correct place and THEN fold over and press to adhere the top in place. (This will leave you with the front “loose” so you can later go back and add tape there.

  6. Repeat the same procedure on the bottom of the box with the bottom/back cover piece. You will end up with the covering adhered to the spine/top/bottom.

  7. The top/front piece and the bottom/back piece also have a small (about 8-10mm) additional area that will extend past the edge of the top or bottom. This piece is designed to be adhered to the bottom edge of the front/top edge of the back so that the main covering is overlapping onto it and completely covering the edge of the box. Using double-faced tape, adhere these flaps down onto their respective faces.

  8. On the back, run double-faced tape around all the edges - including over the flap that was taped down in the previous step, and then carefully fold from the bottom up toward the top and press to adhere the cover to the box. Note that at the top, the double-sided tape should not be quite to the edge, so that there is no tape sticking out… leave it a few millimeters from the top edge.

  9. Repeat the procedure of step 8 to adhere the front of the box cover.

  10. The design of the front/top and back/bottom pieces have flaps of material that extend past the open edges. These are designed to be folded over and run to the inside of the box, covering the edges all the way around. This is the one place where I use glue (just standard Elmer’s Glue All). Cut the flaps at the four corners, fold and glue the flaps inside the box. I normally do the long edges first, and then the short edges. I think this results in a better corner.

That’s it.

I will try to add photos and create a new thread in the technical discussion forum, but this is my procedure in a nutshell.

This was my most challenging part of the project, and I am very pleased with how it ended up, so I’m glad to share what worked for me if it helps someone else out.