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Yotsuya's Saga Preservation and Restoration
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21-May-2017, 7:31 AM

Last year, I’ve created a group of 5.1 DTS audio files containing the 1997 Cinema DTS theatrical sound mix of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition that are edited to play in sync with this forum’s released GOUT versions (Harmy’s editions). All you would have to do is mux these audio files to the MKV videos. They are all available on the ‘spleen.

The material that I used came from the group of 5.1 DTS audio files (also available on the ‘spleen) that was prepared by our member, CapableMetal. CapableMetal extracted the PCM mono wave files from the CinemaDTS CD-ROMs and sync’d them to TB broadcasts of the Special Edition trilogy. I took CapableMetal’s sync’d DTS audio files and spliced them with the 5.1 DTS audio files of hairy_hen reconstruction of his 6-track, 70mm sound mixes for the GOUT versions to fill-in portions of the GOUT footage where the special edition audio would be inappropriate.