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Info: Deleted Scenes from Films that ended up in Other Films or TV shows Archive List
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A Subject that is interesting (at least to me) is that weird occasional instance of deleted footage from a film ends up in another film or TV Show.

The Reason for this post is to create a definitive list of this strange but perhaps quite frequent thing that happens and with some very major titles involved.

The List So Far…

Empire Strikes Back Special Edition - Contains deleted footage from Return of the Jedi

Ewoks:The Battle For Endor (1985) Unused footage from ROTJ appears in the final battle scenes.

Footage of Tie-fighter pilots from STAR WARS (1977) are used in RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983)

Some of the shots of troopers and Tie Pilots in the corridors of the second Death Star in ROTJ when the executor scrashes in the the surface are deleted scenes from Star Wars (1977)

in the star wars holiday special in the " life on tatooine " segment features deleted scenes from Star Wars namely the Storm trooper Search of mos eisley spaceport.

Within a deleted scene for ROTJ for Luke building his Lightsaber it uses Deleted Footage from Empire Strikes Back of Vader in his Meditation Chamber Slowed down to about half speed to so as Darth Vader’s Lines could fit the sequence.

The Music video Lapti-Nek from Return of the Jedi contained many deleted scenes inside Jabbas Palace.

also of note Revenge Of The Sith Teaser -Alternate take/angle of Alec Guinness talking about Vader from the original Star Wars is used.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story - Uses deleted footage of pilots from the Original Star Wars Film 1977

Back to the Future Part 2 opeing credits in the clouds was originally shot for use in Firefox (1982) Starring Clint Eastwood.

Deleted Aerial Footage shot for Firefox (1982) was used in a Laserdisc Firefox Arcade game made by Atari also.

Game of Death 2 (Bruce Lee) - Contains Deleted footage from Enter the Dragon 1973

Hellraiser 2 Hellbound (Censored and more in uncensored) - Contains Deleted Footage from the Original Hellraiser Movie

Bladerunner (Theatrical Cut) - Contains deleted flyover landscape footage from the Shining (Stanley Kubrick) credit sequence

Stargate - Various deleted footage from the feature film by Roland Emerich was used in the pilot episode of Stargate SG-1 all these shots were removed in children of the God’s Final Cut.

Trail of The Pink Panther (1982) Made well after Peter Sellers death, there’s a bunch of unused footage of him from the previous PP films.

Magical Mystery Tour (1967 The Beatles) It’s alleged unused aerial footage from Dr. Strangelove was used in the Flying sequence. (Much to the ire of Stanley Kubrick.) The black and white footage was colored, (not to be confused with colorization) making it resemble part of the stargate sequence in 2001 A Space Odyssey, which came out the very next year.

Deleted sfx shots from Space 1999 were sold and appeared in other TV Shows -

T2: Trainspotting 2017 - uses deleted scenes from the original Trainspotting movie (Danny Boyle) to help as a means to flashback.

The opening B/W montage from MAD MAX 2 (1981) contains a deleted shot of Max from MAD MAX (1979).

The DOCTOR WHO 20th anniversary special - THE FIVE DOCTORS (1983) - used footage from the abandoned 1979 fourth Doctor serial - SHADA.

The slurpasaur fight in One Million B.C., along with outtakes, was ported to many a Sci-Film from the '50s. Among these are Robot Monster, Valley of the Dragons, King Dinosaur, Untamed Women, etc.

The Godfather Epic/Saga/Trilogy 1901-1980 was expanded in a TV mini-series that was specially re-cut by Francis Ford Coppola.

PHANTASM IV : OBLIVION (1998) uses deleted footage from the original PHANTASM (1979), for flashback sequences.

Outtakes from Submersion of Japan, including oil refineries blowing up and buildings collapsing, turn up in Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Le Mans (1971 Steve McQueen) many outtake footage and deleted scenes was featured in a documentary film Steve McQueen the man and Le Mans

Highlander 3 “The Final Dimension” (Not the original Sorcerer Theatrical release) Contains a few short deleted shots from the Original Highlander films final quickening in it’s own respective final quickening.

In the Music Video “Princes of the Universe” By Queen also features some short deleted scenes from the Original Highlander Film

the official music video for Johnny B. Goode and it contains some very interesting deleted shots of Michael J. Fox, most notably an exchange at the end where he appears to coin the term
“rock 'n roll.” A few people have uploaded this video (from the same source), but this one seems to be the earliest upload:

MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME music video contains a brief clip of a scene deleted from the film At the 1:40 mark: https-//

Naked Gun 33 1/3 has the deleted wedding scene from Naked Gun 2½.

The 1980 film Raise The Titanic originally featured an opening sequence depicting the sinking of the Titanic, the sequence would’ve been 12 minutes long. The scene was dropped from the final film and replaced by a photo montage with John Barry’s score over it. The deleted footage resurfaced years later and was used in an episode of the TV show Voyagers (1982-1983), considering the show used the Queen Mary to portray the Titanic its hard to believe they would have the budget to construct a miniature as complex as those seen in Raise The Titanic. Currously, the same episode uses what looks like rear screen projection background plate footage of the bow view of the iceberg from the 1953 Titanic film (I say background plate because the foreground set and actor are not seen in frame). There is also a bit of deleted footage from the 53 film as the underwater shot of the ship’s hull hitting the iceberg is taken from the 53 film but has been extended by several seconds, indicating the shot in the original 53 film was intended to be longer.

In the 1979 made for TV move SOS Titanic, the movie uses unused miniature effects shots from A Night To Remember (1958) but colourises all of the footage in order to fit footage shot for the movie. It is clear the footage is alternate takes and not footage ripped from the 58 film because the placement of lifeboat miniatures and amount of steam radiating from the Titanic’s funnels is different between each movie.

The Final Shot of Conan The Destroyer was originally intended to be the opening shot for the voiceover narration which is on a black screen for Conan the Barbarian by John Milius. This is due to the decision to axe Arnold Schwarzeneggers strong Austrian accent in Favour of the Oriental sounding voice of Mako.

The Fly II (1989) uses a deleted scene from the first movie:

In Furious Seven (2015) they used deleted footage from previous films to work around the death of Paul Walker:

The deleted concorde scene from Superman the Movie ended up in a TV edit version of Superman 2

Spider-Man 3: A scene towards the end of the film has Harry Osborn remembering mourning over his father Norman, using a deleted scene from the 2002 Spider-Man where the younger Harry cries over his father after finding the latter’s body still in uniform as the Green Goblin.

HALLOWEEN II (1981), begins with a reprise from the end of the original film. Laurie tells the two kids (she’s babysitting) to go next door to the McKenzie’s house and call the police. This is a different take from the one used in HALLOWEEN (1978).

Here is a list of films and TV Shows (that I know of) which used some of the footage shot in the summer of '68 for Battle of Britain - but there are probably more!

• 1971- Dad s Army - Film spin off of the popular television series
• 1972 - The Pathfinders - ITV television drama series based on the exploits of Bombers Command’s Pathfinder Force
• 1972 - Our Miss Fred - Film comedy starring Danny la Rue
• 1976 - Carry on England - Film from the long running Carry On series
• 1976 - Battle of Midway - War film dramatising the Japanese attack on Midway Island in 1942
• 1979 - Breakthrough (aka Sergeant Steiner) — War film starring Richard Burton
• 1984 - The Secret War of Jackie s Girls — ITV television drama series
• 1986 - Murrow - Channel 4 television drama based on the life of Ed Murrow, wartime news correspondent
• 1988 - A Piece of Cake - Television drama series based around an RAF fighter squadron in 1940
• 1999 - Finest Hour - BBC Television documentary series chronicling the events of 1940
• 2001 - Dark Blue World - Czech film about Czech pilots in the Battle of Britain
• 2010 - First Light - TV Movie based on biography of WWII Pilot, Geoffrey Willum

Lord of the Rings - Peter Jackson

Although in terms of the Lord of the rings books the climax of “The Two Towers” was always the battle at Helms Deep and also Frodo being stung and paralysed by Shelob with also Aragorn taking the paths of the dead…Regardless of this these story elements were always planned to move over to the film “The Return of the King” from “The Two Towers” book including a pairing down of Saruman being stabbed by Wormtoungue on top of Orthanc rather than “scourging of the Shire” as in the book… But in terms of scenes filmed always intended to be in “The Two Towers” Movie that made their way into “The Return of the King” Movie there are a few notable sequences moved to the sequel…

  1. Smeagol (Opening to the Return of the King) fighting and killing Deagol over the lost but newly found one ring of power. Shot for “The Two Towers” but became redundant originally intended to be inserted where Frodo says “Your name was Smeagol was’nt it”

  2. Scenes of Arwen Leaving Middle Earth and premonitions of a child she would bare with Aragorn were also shot and intended to go in to “The Two Towers” but made their way in to the sequel.

EA Games “the Two towers” Features unique footage not found in the film upon completion of the game.

I know there has to be more so Help me add to this list!