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Most cost effective disc printing method?
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18-May-2017, 3:37 PM
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18-May-2017, 3:39 PM
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Tyler0013 said:

Did you have templates for the discs? Or do you have to align the image with disc correctly? I have looked into buying one of these printers. And any info is a great help.

I used stealthboy’s Criterion set source files as the basis for my set… I’d say my set was 90 percent untouched from his files that he shared.

I tweaked the wording of a few things, updated the box artwork to add a starfield instead of plain black background on the top/bottom/spine, but otherwise I left it alone. His set is ready to go and is a beautiful presentation of NJVC’s blu-rays and you really don’t have to touch what he did at all if you just want to create the same set as he ended up sharing.

As for alignment when printing discs… I did end up using exported graphics from Gimp for the disc labels themselves and laid them out with the utility that comes with the Canon printer itself. It handled the alignment without flaws. If I had felt like it, I’m sure I could have found the right settings to print on the disc from the Preview app (I’m on a Mac) with just using the exported graphics, but since I had the utility from Canon I just went with that anyway.