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pat man
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4K restoration on Star Wars
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12-May-2017, 4:49 PM

SilverWook said:

Great, I like it. But here might be something you could do.

First, Keep it in the small form, but can we also address and send a copy to Fox. And state “Properly Restored” versions of the films.

Second, based on what everyone is saying, have a link to the home page of this site and encourage them to click on it.

Third, Add to the homepage a longer letter stating the importance of the Original Cut to the history of cinema and their the reason the films got awards in the first place. Including the links to the comparison galleries stating that the Special Edition/ Recent cuts are not the same film.

Forth, in the longer letter on home page, include ideas for different sets they could release (any retail, not special store sets). Include a sentence saying the Original cuts of the Prequels will be nice as well.

Fifth, Include a thank you from this site and it’s members. Also including a thank you from the Star Wars fans and communities.

Thank you, hopefully we will get our wishes.