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A.D. Anno Domini (1985)
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2-May-2017, 12:19 AM
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OK just an idea of what I’m working on right now. The sync in the first sequence in Episode 1 is all over the ****ing map. It starts with an audio lead of a couple frames. Then there is a cut and the next part has the proper sync. But then later there is a brief cut in the same scene where the audio lags way behind, but that’s the only shot in the scene with an audio lag, then it’s back to normal.

Anyway you move onto the next sequence and the sync is right. But then the third sequence the audio leads by a couple frames again. Then you go about 20 minutes where the sync is good, and then randomly at the end of one very long scene, there is randomly a moment where the audio lags by half a dozen frames.

It’s a ****ing trainwreck. Curse whoever the hell put out the DVDs and VHS tapes for this. I can’t imagine it was ever produced or aired on TV this way.