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Amadeus - Theatrical Cut Restoration 1080p (V2) (Released)
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27-Apr-2017, 12:35 AM

ak47wong said:

Thanks jimbotron for this fantastic work, letting us enjoy the film that we all loved in the cinema!

I have compiled a set of English subtitles for the theatrical cut that I would like to offer as part of the project. After working on this for many weeks, I believe these are the most complete and accurate subtitles available. I’ve made separate versions for UK and US spelling.

Only one bit of dialogue eludes me and it’s at the start of the movie. As Salieri’s valet reaches the top of the stairs, Salieri cries out “Sí, I killed you, Mozart” followed by two syllables that I can’t make out. I’ve checked the script, the play, and other subtitles (English and Italian) to no avail. Does anyone know what he says there?

I don’t know the best place to host the subtitles, so for now I’ve put them here:

jimbotron, if are willing to accept my humble contribution, perhaps you can add this to your main post? In the words of Salieri, “It would be a tremendous honour for me.”

Also, I’ve compiled an almost-complete list of all the music in the film. I tried adding it to Wikipedia, but it was reverted. Nevertheless, for those interested in such things, you can view it here. Again, I’d love to know a good place to host this information!

I’m a little late to the party. I included a link in the original post.