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Ranking the Star Wars films
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19-Apr-2017, 1:09 PM

Lord Haseo said:

Considering the fact you like Rogue One why would you consider it to be EU? It also fits pretty well with STAR WARS and is more than suitable substitute for the PT.

Well, it’s like if I read some Star Wars EU book. Even if I enjoy it, it really doesn’t have any bearing on the story presented in the original films (it’s more like one of those “What if?” comics). Also, it probably has a lot to do with the quality of the prequels (or lack therof). In that their failure promotes my tendency to disregard anything beyond The Original Trilogy. If one was Forced (get it?) to include and consider any Star Wars film as canon just because LucasFilm says so, then their inadequacies would actually start to taint and diminish the originals. And once you start disregarding “official” releases, then it just becomes the standard operating procedure. So, even when they finally put out a good movie, I’m just pleasantly surprised and enjoy it for what it is. But we’re way past the point where I would take any newly released film and use it to reframe the context of the original movies. And since we’re going to be getting a new Star Wars film pretty much every year ad infinitum, if I just start picking and choosing the few films I consider acceptable to add to some sort of personal canon, it just seems arbitrary and unnecessary. For me, Star Wars is…STAR WARS (the original movies). They represent the fundamental, unalterable core of the series. Everything else they keep piling on top, for better or for worse, is just extraneous. Now, when they do release a quality movie (like Rogue One), then great!..I’ll watch it and enjoy it and add it to the list of Star Wars stuff I like. But I’ve transcended the need for any personal “Official” label for those items. It all basically resides in that nebulous and ever-growing cloud of EU that perpetually girdles the original “core” films.