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My Idea for a SW Show set between RotJ and TFA.
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15-Apr-2017, 4:07 PM

Hey guys. I know I already put up another thread similar to this, and sorry for that, but after seeing the new SW Rebels trailer for season 4, I wanted to get this off my chest, seeing how SW Rebels will end. This is an idea I started months ago before seeing any trailers whatsoever.

My idea for a new SW show is called “STAR WARS: New Republic Tales” (a working title), which it takes place from around 20 ABY or so up to the fall of Luke’s Jedi Academy. Much like Rebels, the series will focus on a group of new characters who are either loosely related to the sequel trilogy or have no relation whatsoever, and these characters will have to deal with the rise of the First Order and the Knights of Ren (who in this case-until further info is revealed-will be known as the Acolytes of the Beyond).

The cast would include a young boy who runs away from home to join the Jedi and purposefully gets wrapped up in all this mess (Liam), a Jedi who was personally trained by Luke and was recently knighted (Vima Boda), a ex-stormtrooper veteran who lost his faith in the Empire and joins our heroes (Rennek), a Zabrak who very spiritual but doesn’t have the Force (Kar’baz), and the droid (KT-80). Their main enemy (or Vader here) is a female darksider who first ‘befriends’ our main lead to get to his allies and later on develops a rivalry with the Jedi Knight of the group. This person would last throughout the entire series (about three seasons) until she’s killed off in the end, either by Kylo Ren or by our heroes.

Now, I would try to keep universe shrinking to a minimum. Characters like Han and Leia won’t appear that much, less so than Luke, who will be shown off-screen training Ben. More focus will be given to other characters who don’t appear so much in the movies, but as time goes on, and we do see Leia’s resistance movement, we will see more familiar characters from time to time. Also, I would like to include a bit of Legends characters (e.g. Tionne Solusar, Corran Horn, etc.) to the Jedi, or something akin to their characters, so to introduce aspects of Legends continuity, while working in the Disney canon.

Animation-wise, I would like to get something similar to Genndy Tartakovsky. I am biased to his works (the 2003 Clone Wars micro-series and Samurai Jack), but he does an amazing job animating, like Hotel Transylvania (story’s crud, but man does it look good!) and if some episodes don’t have a good plot, then at least they would be pretty to look at.

So what do you guys think? Any good, or is it just trash? Do any of you guys have your own ideas? What stories and characters, new or familiar, would you like to see? I’d like to hear. Take care.