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Help: looking for... Episode II and III extended soundtracks request for leitmotiv project
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29-Mar-2017, 4:49 PM

It is indeed an old post, but I’m still here!

I’ve downloaded your spreadsheet, congratulations for this work! It is of immense interest to me. Thanks a lot.

I was convinced that other fans would have done that prior to me, and am very happy to be able to compare my works with yours (though mine isn’t finished). I’m impressed by the fact that you’ve detected a lot more leitmotivs than most people, and took note of many subtleties. Your work is incomparably more exhaustive that anything I’ve seen.

This will definitively help me and give me motivation. Sadly, since I’ve started this topic, my project has barely moved forward while my free time was disappearing under a pile of nappies, baby bottles and other mundane time-killers 😦

I’m confident I’ll finish this someday though :p