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What happened to all the original SW prints.?
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28-Mar-2017, 6:07 PM

Vader21 said:

CatBus said:

IIRC, Mike Verta has reported that the “destroy order” is still in effect. If Lucasfilm (now Disney) happens to get their hands on prints of the OOT, they will destroy them.

Just seems so stupid to destroy a piece of history, fair enough it may have once been common practise but to destroy a piece of film from that ers today is just ridiculous…

Actually (again, IIRC) the original destroy order dates from when there were 1997SE film prints out there. Theatres would get the reels, send them back to the studios, and the studios would send them back out again (not destroy them). That was normal. The order was to destroy all copies of the OOT as they came back in, so that only 1997SE prints would go back out. So even worse than you thought…