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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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12-Mar-2017, 6:45 AM

darthrush said:

Today I was thinking about how Return of the Jedi could have been written differently for Han to have a better arc and I had an idea which would be to actually see him and Lando begin to reconcile with one another slowly throughout the movie. Lando would help save Han like in the original but Han would still be somewhat salty towards him. They could have an argument scene where it is obvious that Lando wants to make it up to Han. He could consistently start to rebuild his friendship with him throughout the movie. They would be put as co-pilots of the falcon together in the final battle and they would both combine their skills to take down the death star reactor and you could get a really fulfilling moment where we see them truly happy and finally friends again in the moment of victory and pure joy. So then when we see them embrace during the ending celebration it would really hit you even harder on an emotional level.

How romantic. So we need something else for Leia’s character in this scenario then.